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"A success story attributable to [WritePro]. Bought your software. First editor to see [my manuscript] made pre-emptive, mid six-figure bid."

–- Jerry Jenkins, #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author

"My impression over the years is that about half of the people who bought a computer did it because they wanted to write a book. They have an electronic mentor now. It is a program called WritePro."

--The San Francisco Chronicle

"These are valuable lessons for the would-be novelist. The manual is short, actually written in English, and practically unneeded. Working with WritePro could hardly be easier. This is a program for a writer."

--The New York Times

"[WritePro] seeks to teach skills and help writers hone their creativity in an environment that has been anything but conducive to such endeavors. To my pleasant surprise, WritePro succeeds on both counts to a startling degree. Stein's teaching method is direct, intuitive, and truly interactive. [It is} immediately helpful. I am indeed raving about WritePro. WritePro is a nearly perfect educational program. It sets clear parameters and encourages its users to go as far as their creativity can carry them. And wasn't that what personal computers were supposed to do in the first place?"

--Computer Shopper

"Good news. I may have found the answer for all you new novel writers out there. It's a creative piece of software called WRITEPRO. This is what WRITEPRO does so successfully: It gets you started writing your own novel at your own pace--at home! No driving to class, no trying to figure out lessons from a mail order house. Imagine having one of the finest writing teachers always available for you right inside your computer. Just waiting for you to push a key so that he can get you started. Just waiting to show you all those 'secrets' of novel writing. WRITEPRO is terrific. It's a cinch to load--thanks to its design, it's all automatic. The price is right, too."

--Dave Ketchum, Scroll

"As easy to use as a typewriter"

--PC Resource.

"You'll see immediate improvement. Stein gives you the tools to be your own editor. By the time Lesson Two is over, you have a story [with] well-rounded characters, a believable plot, momentum, and no cliches. I'm looking forward to the next lessons."

--Writer's Digest

"Now there's a creative-writing program that will teach you as much as anyone can about how to be novelist. WritePro is wonderfully straightforward in operation. The program will work for writers other than aspiring novelists; the principles of good writing are good for all kinds of writing."

--Nation's Business

"Here's good news: His software is excellent. His is an Expert System if there ever was one. Buy the program now."

--The Business Computer (syndicated) by Franklynn Peterson and Judi K-Turkel

"The bottom line on WritePro is that it's great!"

--NYPC Magazine

"First rate. If you want to write fiction, invest in WritePro 1/2/3/4. You can learn the tools of fiction without having to rediscover the wheel."

--Associated Press.

"I am confident that if you persevere and pay attention to Stein's advice, it is possible you will end up with a marketable piece of writing (if getting published is your goal). Rest assured that I, your humble servant, will be waiting with bated breath to give [future lessons] a try."

--PCM Magazine

"Can you become a novelist in four easy lessons? All you really need to do is install the software and load it. In a matter of moments, you'll be hacking away at your first WritePro story. Sounds pretty nifty, doesn't it? Plug away at the lessons and one day--lo and behold!--you will have written that novel you've always wanted to write. It seems almost too good to be true. WritePro would most benefit a would-be writer who lacks technique but is driven by a creative spark, or an already skilled writer who wants to break out of tics and habits. This program seems about as goof-proof as a program can be. I have learned a good deal from it."

--Henry F. Beechhold, Professor Emeritus, Trenton State University, in Home-Office Computing

"If you are one of those people who feel the urge to get that book out of you and onto paper, WritePro may be the best [money] you've ever spent."

--Newsbytes News Service

"At the end, you have a creditable piece of work, and you've been trained by a pro. But most importantly, it's fun! If you're used to whipping out reports and other non-fiction, you may find a novelist you never knew existed. If you're out to enjoy or improve your fiction writing, WritePro's for you."

--The Editors, Computer Help, FOG International

"I have to admit that going through WritePro helped me remember some of the things I never knew I'd forgotten. I highly recommend it, whether you're just starting to write or whether you can just use some brushing up. [The rules] are easy to understand and easy to remember, and make these exercises a good deal of fun."

--James L. Collins, author of 19 novels, the National Writers Club

"Outstanding opportunity for beginning or advanced writers from prize-winning teacher of bestselling authors. These hands-on interactive tutorials start students writing immediately. Great motivation as well as an education on the essential parts of the story and how they work together. Great story-starter instruction for individuals or groups."

--Learning Arts

"WritePro does it again!. In the past I've written about many unusual computer programs. However, only one has come up with a program that teaches you how to write a novel-- that's WritePro--The Sol Stein Creative Writing Program. It's about as straightforward and easy as turning on your computer. When I finished Mr. Stein's first four, I wanted more. The WritePro program is user friendly, menu driven, and filled with hundreds of writing hints and secrets you've always wanted to know. It teaches new writers important facts that can turn their creations into polished pieces of writing, and it can remind professionals of those little innuendoes of writing they might have forgotten. Important stuff for a writer. You can really see how your writing's improving as each lesson continues. The whole process is amazing."

--Dave Ketchum, Scroll

"I don't think I'm exaggerating if I tell you WritePro is perfect for everyone who has to--or wants to--write. The program is easy to install. It's automatic and friendly, includes six step-by-step lessons, each taking you further along the road to making dialogue come alive, creating expressive characters, devising and fleshing out plots, building beginning that hook the reader and using the computer to do my absolute favorite, "flab editing." The program's style is supportive and, with not much brain strain, offers results you can see almost immediately."

--Steve Bass, the Pasadena Star-News

"I am impressed with it. WritePro is a hands-on, interactive tutorial. Because it is interactive, it's much more involving than a book. It's a workshop on computer."

--Personal Computers

"WritePro is like having Sol Stein in the same room with you as you write, offering helpful criticism of your work as you go. As you take each lesson you not only write a complete manuscript but also learn how to become your own editor."

--Theresa Grant, Writer's Workshop Review

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